INTEGRITY Begins With … ???

On my daily walk, I paused to admire the “grass” in the photo. With another Colorado summer approaching, I know our lawn will crisp up like Sunday morning breakfast bacon.

What works for a Denver backyard, though, doesn’t work for people. Being perceived as fake is not admired much.

We’ve all heard “say what you mean and mean what you say.” Good advice. Years ago, I was struggling to ask a client a question when she wisely advised, “Just say it the way you’re thinking it, John.” Excellent counsel.

Being authentic isn’t easy. We don’t want to dump our problems, troubles, and innermost thoughts on others, right? Yet we do want to be genuine, relatable, and real.

It’s a conundrum.

Recently, we took a survey using this question: “What is the #1 characteristic of leadership?”—and INTEGRITY became a theme. In QBQ! The Question Behind the Question, we define INTEGRITY this way:

Being what I say I am by acting in accordance with my words.

That’s exactly how leaders lead at work and home—and it’s this question (called a “QBQ”) that brings authenticity, genuineness, and INTEGRITY to life: “How can I practice the principles I say I believe in?”

And just to be clear, that powerful, accountable question is NOT for my boss, co-workers, friends, neighbors, spouse—or Donald Trump.

It is a question for … me.

 In light of the QBQ! definition of INTEGRITY, how do you feel you’re doing in this area?


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  1. In today’s world it seems that so many are lacking one key to integrity… Honesty. Honesty with others and with ourselves. Honesty doesn’t mean nastiness, it means living and sharing the truth with positive intent. I share to help, never to hurt.

  2. How am I doing? This is something you’re never finished with. The more I become aware of what I say and do, and how I handle situations, the more I realize how much more work I have ahead of me to change and grow. This may sound counterintuitive, but I try to say less and less. Not to avoid integrity, but to ensure that I’m only making promises I can keep or limiting my chances of saying something reactionary that I don’t actually believe.

  3. Integrity begins with myself. Showing others my character will allow them to know me. My crew at work knows I will tell you the truth whether good or bad. I am for ever saying, if you stop learning something every day at work, then just go ahead and leave this job. 10 years and I still learn daily, whether it be about my strengths or weakness, I can become a better person. My daily thing is… You’re Outstandingly Unique! Spread your joy, let others see you shine!

  4. Interesting question, we discussed this in a small group this week. Integrity is your life lining up with what you believe. I believe that integrity begins with a having a single, strong and consistent source of truth claim. If that means I believe that honesty, hard work, reliability, etc. are critical, then I must live up to those standards – regardless of how I feel, regardless of my circumstances.

    How am I doing in the area of integrity, honestly? I fail daily. Where I see others impacted, I go back and apologize where I have failed to live up to the standard I am called to live by.

  5. So true. Too many fakers our there and they seem to have forgotten the importance of Integrity. And the sad thing about it, so many companies integrate the word “Integrity” into their mission statements but all it is for them is a word on the wall. Let’s see you live those words!

  6. Integrity always starts with me, doing what is right when no one else is looking. Doing my best to set the best example for others, and when I do make mistakes, take full responsibility for my actions, and ask myself how I can handle the situation better next time, what have I learned from this mistake.

  7. Integrity begins with Me. Being Totally Honest with myself lays the foundation for everything else I do.

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