How To Have Harmonious Holidays (Or … How to Be Happy Like A Toddler)

For a moment, do your best to ignore the beautiful little boy above. 🙂

I saw a poll indicating a record number of people fear politics-based family tension during this year’s holiday gatherings.

My first thought was, That stinks. Life is too short.

When I pondered what could make the difference, these words came to me:

Let it go.

Agree to disagree.

I love you.

Combine these words with a contrite, grace-filled attitude and revel in diffused tension, meaningful conversation, and increased holiday harmony!

Or at least no fistfights before dessert is served. 🙂

9 Times to Employ These Powerful 3-Word Phrases/Attitudes

You voted for Trump, but Aunt Ginny voted for Clinton.

Let it go.

You support same-sex marriage, but Mom believes in traditional marriage.

Agree to disagree.

You disapprove of NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem, but your son-in-law thinks it’s all good.

I love you.

You fear Trump’s Tweeting will start a nuclear war, but your dad enjoys watching the POTUS communicate past the media.

Let it go.

You feel the wall is the wrong approach on immigration, but your brother thinks it’s the right move.

Agree to disagree.

Your sister-in-law is pro-choice, but you are pro-life.

I love you.

Your Millennial daughter-in-law speaks positively of Socialism, but you are a supply-and-demand capitalist all the way.

Let it go.

You’re pro-Second Amendment, but your sister wants more gun laws.

Agree to disagree.

Your faith is everything to you, but your son struggles to believe.

I love you.

Our more-than-adorable 18-month-old grandchild #7 (shown above) loves to utter dramatic and over-the-top Ahhhhhhh sounds after taking a drink from his toddler “sippy” cup. It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Trust me, when little Wyatt—nicknamed WyGuydoes this, we all laugh together.

He’s a happy toddler.

Why do I mention little WyGuy here?

Maybe we overly-serious adults should adopt a bit of toddler joy this holiday season. Expressing an Ahhhhhhh or two could do us a lot of good. Might be the ticket to some harmony-filled family get-togethers!

All we have to do is employ our 3-word phrases/attitudes. Again—

Let it go.

Agree to disagree.

I love you.

Ahhhhhhh … that feels good!

For Comment:

Which of our 3 phrases/attitudes will you put to use when you gather with your loved ones?


10 Responses

  1. “Let it Go.” – What I will say to myself, silently.
    “Let’s agree to disagree.” – What I’ll share with my son, etc.
    “I love you.” – What I’ll say over and over again to everyone around me.
    Thanks for the timely share!

  2. John:

    Please share this on Facebook. EVERYONE needs to hear this! Basic and true to the QBQ philosophy!

  3. I like “agree to disagree” and ‘I love you”. My father worked for the Federal Government for 30+ years and directly for President Reagan, so he is obviously a conservative Republican, I am a fiscal conservative/social moderate, and my adult kids vary from far left to moderate right. That said, one of my favorite things to do with my kids is have good intellectual political discussions. the key word is intellectual; we have wildly differing opinions, but all listen intently to the others perspective. At the end of the day we often “agree to disagree” but we will always love each other. Its only politics, and family always will trump politics!!

  4. WE ARE TO SEEK RECONCILIATION WITH ALL BECAUSE ALL ARE CREATED IN THE IMAGE OF GOD. I KEEP COMING BACK TO THIS WONDERFUL VERSE IN THE BIBLE: “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” – Romans 12:18. As has been said above, thank you, John, for this timely reminder in this season of “Peace, good will to all people.”

  5. Thanks for giving us all a lesson on how to lighten up situations we may encounter “throughout the year”.
    I doubt that I will have to use any of your examples over the Christmas holidays since I am a Canadian and typically we kid each other about our personally held political beliefs and try not to get get too serious.
    Thanks casting your wisdom on the waters !!

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