199 WORDS: How Accountable People Think

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Our ability to think is a blessing—and a curse when we don’t control our thinking. Why is it critical to take captive our thoughts?

Because you and I are forever a product of our thinking. A question to ponder:

How well have I disciplined my thoughts recently?

Use this list to “grade” yourself …

20 Thoughts Accountable People Think

1. Work is good.

2. I exist to serve.

3. I’m not entitled.

4. I am not a victim.

5. I reap what I sow.

6. I create my stress.

7. It’s right to apologize.

8. I can only change me.

9. Humility is a good thing.

10. Complaining fixes nothing.

11. My choices got me to where I am.

12. The past is done, so I will let stuff go.

13. Problems are to be solved, not ignored.

14. I own my results, so won’t blame others.

15. Boundaries matter—it’s okay to say “no.”

16. When confronted, I’ll consider the message.

17. I don’t know everything and have plenty to learn.

18. My development is not my employer’s job, it’s mine.

19. When things go awry, I’ll consider what part I played.

20. Since I make mistakes, I won’t judge others when they do.

So, how’d you do? Pass? Fail? 🙂

Which one of these 20 accountable thoughts do you need to think right now? Share a number 1- 20 and leave a comment, too!

Grab the new QBQ! Workbook for personal application of QBQ!


8 Responses

  1. #1 – Work is Good! 🙂 Headache from learning and doing something new, though complicated and stressful it is good to be doing and learning something new and out of the scope of my normal work day. Learning the process for drafting legal documents, not something I normally have to do, but was given the task and finding I’m up to it. 🙂 Do I pass, fail, not sure because each day is different and we are not always faced with the same things. But I would hope that I’ve made the choice to be in charge of me, not the other way around, letting circumstances, work or individuals be in control of what I think and do. I’m the one that writes my own story, I decide the person I’ll be!!!

  2. As always, a great job John, keep up the good work. I am going to deviate from your twenty questions and add in a new one that I often see in high performers that I work with. It is as follows:

    21. While I readily accept responsibility for my part and contribution, there are times I must occassionally filter out the input of others–especially if their habit is to constatnly criticize and broadcast the message that whatever I do (and sometimes whatever all people do) is never good enough.

    My point is personal responsiblity not only requires us to take responsiblity for our own thougths and actions but also requires us to use our own discernment to figure out if we are getting useful feedback and input or are just receiving the constant complaints of somebody who is never happy about anything.

  3. John, #19 right now….and in this instance I would say it goes back to #13 (Problems are to be solved, not ignored). I do work at living these accountable statements. Improving myself is a journey I work on daily.
    Thanks for publishing these ‘accountable people’ thoughts.

  4. John,
    Great job as always. I think our country needs many of these and I would hope these would be at the top of the list:
    2. I exist to serve.
    3. I’m not entitled.
    4. I am not a victim.
    10. Complaining fixes nothing.
    17. I don’t know everything and have plenty to learn.

    It doesn’t matter which party, ideology, sex or race, we all are Americans and these items allow for our growth. Thanks for what you do.

  5. John,

    This is a wonderful list. I would only change #2, to something like “I exist to serve God, and in my work I exist to serve my customers.”

  6. 18 of 20…not bad for a work in progress..a few years ago I may have been closer to a good slugging percentage or slightly better

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