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Yesterday, I was “The Jerk.”

Do you recall the 1979 Steve Martin movie “The Jerk” where he, as Navin Johnson, jumped up and down excitedly exclaiming, “The new phone book’s here! The new phone book’s here!”

He was soooo thrilled! He was in the new phonebook!

A classic movie moment here. (only 41 seconds)

Yes, @QBQGuy Is a Jerk!

Well, the first copies of The QBQ! Workbook just arrived annew-workbookd I was soooo excited, I danced in our Colorado driveway like a jerk!

“The new QBQ! workbook’s here. The new QBQ! workbook’s here!!!”

Why would I do this?

Because for a long while, QBQ! book readers have asked if we had something that could help a person take the QBQ! message of Personal Accountability further in his or her life. You know, make it really real—a day in, day out, core and guiding value.

Well, now we do—and you can—with this practical, personal, and powerful hands-on tool!

To have an easy-to-use handbook to utilize as a self-study or explore with family, friends, or colleagues to eliminate Blame, Victim/Entitlement Thinking, and Procrastination—is very cool!

Unless you don’t think our world needs more PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY! 🙂

It’s Okay to Buy For Others!

Lex Landers, Director of Learning & Development at Aaron’s, Inc., like Steve Martin/Navin Johnson, is so excited he wrote this on our QBQ! Facebook page:

“Just ordered 30 copies to give to my team! Of course, I need it more than they since personal accountability starts with ME! We are going to meet weekly to discuss our journey of Personal Accountability!”

The QBQ! Workbook—a tool for better living. Go ahead, be a jerk for Personal Accountability today!

Order THE QBQ! WORKBOOK and win FREE stuff!


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