Flipping the Switch! Unleash the Power of Personal Accountability

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More than a “sequel”—Flipping the Switch is the companion book to QBQ!

Flip the switch to unleash the power of personal accountability and watch your career take off and your relationships flourish. Discover how personal accountability jump-starts five key principles, sparking success at work and at home. Live these five Advantage Principles to gain the edge in every area of life:

  • Learning—Be engaged/energized through personal growth and change.
  • Ownership—Attain goals by becoming a solution-oriented person.
  • Creativity—Find new ways to achieve by “succeeding within the box.”
  • Service—Do for people what you don’t have to do; know real service.
  • Trust—Develop deep and rewarding relationships at work and at home.

Designed like QBQ! with real-life stories and practical content, the “FTS” book is a quick, enjoyable read and truly the companion book to QBQ! Broken into five content segments with excellent discussion questions, this book is an excellent tool for taking QBQ! both deeper and higher at the same time.