Enjoying that QBQ! book

We get some nice notes around here regarding the QBQ! book. Hard not to share one now and then. So, here we go!

Good afternoon!

I just wanted to take some time to say what a help your book has been to me. It is passing through my small branch. I won’t lie, I heard “Okay, we all are going to read this book.” And thought it was more of the typical training. And I was VERY wrong!

I’ve spent the last 2 years trying to teach myself  “Don’t think that you control anything besides the way you live your life.” Your book has given me the knowledge and methods to better practice that. Not only in my quest to become a salesperson, but in everything involved in everyday life. “All stress is a choice.” I read that and like the women you write about in the book thought, “Well, no.” Sure enough, after reading the chapter, going home and contemplating it, I realized it was the truth.

Your book has given me a much different way of looking at things, given me a new insight, a better way to solve problems, the tools to do things more effectively. I never thought a book could do so. The book has given me so much more then the means to be a better employee and salesperson, but a better person in general.

Great job with your book. I will be keeping on my desk as a constant reminder.

Travis C. – Granite City Electric Supply, Co.


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