Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper—It’s All QBQ! Service

Readers of the QBQ! book have sent us many great customer service stories. They do this when they experience a moment that brings them right back to the book’s content, specifically Chapter One titled, “A Picture of Personal Accountability.” This is where Jacob, my server at the Rockbottom Restaurant, sent his manager to grab me a Diet Coke from a nearby grocery store. I was more than delighted!

Oh, you don’t know that story? Well, pick up a QBQ! book today! ?

Meanwhile, here is the most recent story to come to us. Enjoy!

John, I wanted to relay a great QBQ! story to you —

Maxine and I went on a European river cruise through a company called Uniworld. Each night, a card was left in our stateroom asking how they performed that day, what was good and what needed improvement.

Well, my wife and one of our traveling companions are “committed” Diet Dr. Pepper drinkers. So Maxine wrote on one of those cards how nice it would be if the ship carried Diet Dr. Pepper.

The next evening at dinner (and every night for the balance of the cruise) the man in charge of the restaurant came to our table and put glasses of Diet Dr. Pepper in front of our Dr. Pepper fans. We were shocked! When we asked where they got it, he said at a stop in a small French city. There they found some cans at a local store.

Now that is QBQ! customer service!

Dave T., Toshiba America Business Solutions, Toner Products Division

Great story, Dave! Thanks for sending it to us.

As we write in the Outstanding! book, the “extra edge” an organization has in the marketplace comes from one source:

People who go the extra mile.

Nothing new about that, of course. Yet, it’s still rare enough to cause an experienced business and world-traveling guy like Dave to be delighted — just as I was at the Rockbottom that day.

The moral of these stories? Let’s delight our customers today!

Do you have a story to share?



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  1. I know this is going to sound so similar but I had t mention it. Last week I was staying at a Marriott hotel in Atlanta, GA. Atlanta is the Home of Coca Cola. I am an inveterate Diet Coke drinker. I HATE Diet Pepsi. Problem: Marriott hotels do not carry Coke products. So when I ordered dinner I gave it a shot and asked for a Diet Coke. At first the waitress said they only carry Pepsi products. but I teased her a bit and said “but we are in the Land of Coke. How can you not have Coke? (all said with a smile)” So she looked at me and said she will see what she could do. A few minutes later I had my Diet Coke. When I paid the bill I tipped 20% and they gave her $5 cash and said “that’s for the Coke. Thank you.”

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