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When my personal experience at the Rockbottom Restaurant became Chapter One of the QBQ! book — “Jacob and the Diet Coke” — little did I know the effect it would have on readers. I believe they now watch and wait for a similarly delightful moment to come their way!

Case in point: a longtime client and “Friend of QBQ!” recently shared with us an outstanding story, one that says everything about the amazing difference one person can make. His name is Bud Harley (Exec. Director of Pacific Camps) and this is his Jacob moment:

John, last night we went to Lalos Family Restaurant in Camarillo, California, where some of the best Mexican food is found. My wife, however, ordered a … cheeseburger. Not sure why, but that’s a discussion for another time. 🙃

And then she requested the burger come with extra pickles and lots of mustard.

Yes, mustard. 😅

When Salvador, our server, arrived with the food, he said he was sorry the restaurant did not have any mustard that he could find.

Well, my wife loves her mustard so she decided to take her meal home to eat later. Meanwhile, she “dined” on chips and guacamole.

As the rest of us were reveling in fajitas, chicken enchiladas, pork tamales, and outstanding chicken tortilla soup, Salvador suddenly returned with ………… 

……………. a bottle of mustard.

Surprised, I asked him facetiously if they’d found this lonely bottle of mustard in the back room. His response:

 “Nope. I just walked to the convenience store across the street and bought it for you.”

John, we were stunned … and my wife was thoroughly pleased. We’d like to now officially recommend this fella for some sort of “QBQ! Award”! 👏🏻

When finished eating, we left a great tip and a note for the owners explaining what happened. We assured them we’d share this extraordinary customer service experience with everyone we know.

Driving home, I regretted not asking Salvador if he had read QBQ! — since your Diet Coke story details the very same experience. When we go back, I’ll be sure to ask that question!

I do wonder, will he ever really understand how much his personal accountability changed our evening for the better?

Thanks for sharing, Bud!

I admit, there are many ideas I repeat over and over … and over again. Just ask my wife, Karen. 😉 Here’s one: Providing outstanding customer service is simply not that complicated. Just do for people what you don’t have to do and they will sing your praises!

So … is your organization delivering QBQ! Service? Are you a … Salvador? 😉

Note: Bud shared his wonderful story in our QBQ! Facebook Group. Please join us there! Salvador


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