Guest post by Kristin E. Lindeen, The QBQ! Daughter

After a hectic week of business travel and kids’ activities bleeding into a busy weekend, I enjoyed sipping coffee and catching up on everything at my desk on Monday morning. The kids were off to school, and I had nothing on the calendar except “catch.up.”

When I peeked into my “junk” email, I groaned. There I saw the “your dog food shipment is on its way” notice from Chewy. Ugh. I meant to cancel that. We had a full bin and a bag sitting in the garage. Peggy Sue, our one Pug, did NOT need another massive bag of dog food! I had also not seen the “your auto-ship is scheduled to ship in 3 days. Make changes now!” email sent the week before. 

Completely my fault.

So, I logged into my Chewy account to make the change that would prevent me from receiving another bag next month. There I saw the “Questions? Call customer service at this number” notice at the bottom of the screen. I briefly considered it but decided I didn’t care enough to make a phone call. Then I noticed the “Chat now.” And do I ever love online chat options?! I hopped on and was instantly greeted by a representative. Our conversation:

Christen: Hi, my name is Christen. How may I help you?

Kristin: Is there a way to cancel the order that is processing to ship today? I don’t need the food.

Christen: I’m happy to help you with that, Kristin! Please wait just a moment while I pull up your account.

Kristin: Thank you!

Christen: I’ve processed a refund of $86.32 to the Visa. It will be posted to your account in 3-6 business days. There’s no need to send anything back to us at this time. Please feel free to donate this to a local shelter or rescue.

Kristin: WONDERFUL! Thank you so much.

Christen: It’s my pleasure! Anything else I can help you with today?

Kristin: No, that’s it! Thanks for making this so easy.

Christen: I wish you and the Lindeen family the best from all of us at Chewy!

I was shocked. If Christen had said, “I’m so sorry, but there’s no way stop the shipment now,” I would’ve been disappointed but understanding. I was accountable; I’d forgotten to change the auto-ship. Instead, I was delighted by this fantastic customer service. Simply outstanding!

A day later, I had a new problem: The dog food arrived on my porch, the product we didn’t need but received a refund for and were encouraged to donate. The thing is …. I feel like now I have an ethical dilemma! I could keep it, stick it in my garage, and call it free future food. But I feel guilty about that … 😭

In the end, my opportunity to donate (or not) came about by Chewy doing precisely what’s taught in the Outstanding! book: Never forget who pays the bills.


“Customer service” is a topic explored endlessly in the organizational world, but it isn’t all that complicated. In reality, wowing a customer is nothing more than this: Doing something for another that didn’t have to be done.

Like Christen at Chewy did.

Is this how your organization treats customers? Is your organization outstanding?

Kristin E. Lindeen

Speaker: Personal Accountability & the QBQ! and How To Be OUTSTANDING!

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