Accountability & Productivity In These Times

Are your people tense? Worried? Annoyed? Frustrated? Are you hearing lousy questions like these?

Why is this happening?
• Who’s to blame for this virus thing?
• Why are people UNDERreacting?
• Why are people OVERreacting?
• When is this all going to be over?
• Why isn’t management communicating better?

Hearing these questions in your organization? Then we have a tool that can help! That tool is a VIRTUAL QBQ! training session.

Easy to schedule, fun, interactive, inexpensive, and life-changing. Not to mention, timely! At least according to this VP of Global Talent of a medical device firm who submitted an inquiry to us:

We really need a virtual QBQ! session for our leaders. Due to COVID-19 and the situation we’re in, the message of personal accountability is incredibly timely. It’s critical for us to eliminate the victim mentality that’s seeping into our organization. I love the idea of cultivating a true sense of accountability in our leaders as many are asking “Why me?”

If your teammates are scattered, working virtually, and needing to stay as productive as ever, this is a great time to invest in their development.

The QBQ! book’s message of Personal Accountability is needed MORE THAN EVER. Individuals can make this situation better by asking QBQs:

• What can I do to support others?
• How can I make the most of this time to learn new skills?
• What work projects can I best invest my time in right now?
• How can I better understand my boss and colleagues?
• What can I do today to help the team move forward?
• How can I creatively serve my customers?

Yes, a “virtual QBQ!” is surely an effective tool for your team right now!

Book a Virtual QBQ session today to help your team do what’s important now: Eliminate blame, complaining, victim thinking, and procrastination by practicing Personal Accountability.

We’re here to help and can’t wait to share the message of QBQ! with your team!

Is greater Personal Accountability needed right now in your organization?


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