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On Independence Day, in the Land Of The Free,” I woke up asking, “What could possibly keep me un-free?”

Don’t Let Thinking Hold You Back

I noticed our Shiba Inu, Mabel, standing in her kennel. She was waiting to be let out. I then saw the door was not latched — but she believed it was. That is, if pups possess beliefs. ?

Her errant thinking prevented her from “being free.” It held her back.

What Bad Thinking Sounds Like

Humans do this, too. We hold ourselves back by holding onto self-limiting beliefs and thoughts. We get in our own way, locking ourselves in imaginary cages with —

“I don’t get any support”

“I can’t change”

“No one listens to me”

“If only my spouse would change”

“I deserve a break”

“My situation is not my fault”

“I’m not good enough”

“The world owes me”

“I’m a victim of the system”

Sadly, regarding that last one, some people tell other people, “You are a victim of the system.” How does that help someone be free?

Escaping Negative Self-Talk

What’s fascinating about this topic is how we might talk to others versus how we talk to ourselves. We often tell our friends, co-workers, and children …

“You can do it!”

“I’m proud of you!”

“You’ll find a way!”

“Keep moving forward!”

“Get up and try again!”

To ourselves, though, it could be such negative talk that we convince ourselves we’re locked in “the cage” with no way out.

The reality is, I am free to learn, grow, change, and succeed — if I want to. You are, as well. Only, though, if we believe it. Think it. Take accountability for it.

The Better Path is QBQ!

The QBQ! book is a tool to help us change how we think by shifting our thoughts from negative to positive. Instead of asking victim-esque and blame-oriented questions such as, “Why can’t I do anything right?” and “Who will give me a break?” I can ask, “What can I do to discover my strengths?” and “How can I overcome the challenge before me?”

This is what accountable thinking feels, sounds, and looks like — and it is the better path. Are you self-talking the QBQ! way?

Question: What is one self-limiting thought/belief you’ve worked to shed so you can be free? Please share!

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QBQ! Facebook Discussion Group here.


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