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Parenting the QBQ Way: The Financial Piece

Join our  “Raising Accountable Kids” Facebook page! Note: John shares about this blog on Periscope/YouTube here: When Miller Child #5, Charlene, landed her first job ever (at Target), she

Kristi of L.L. Bean Saves the Day!

Follow QBQ! on Periscope using @QBQGuy ***Excerpted from the QBQ! companion book: Flipping the Switch My friend, Michael DeVito, had a problem. For months, he and

Is Personal Accountability On YOUR Radar?

I lunched with David, a representative of an outstanding organization. He is one of thousands of field reps with the title of “coach” and he’s

15 Things You Don’t Need College To Learn

I make one statement in my “How to Be An Outstanding Organization!” speaking engagements that generates spontaneous applause—and it’s this: “Outstanding organizations hire and promote character over

Blame: The Spreadable Sin

So often people say, “There’s plenty of blame to go around!”—a favorite phrase of the media. It seems to be our human nature to immediately

Courtesy, Rudeness, Meetings, and Teamwork

Readers, can you help us solve a problem??? I received this email from Betty: “John, the 10 questions for better communication in your blog titled

6 Costs of a Dangerous Way of Thinking

Have you heard this? “If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes!” Sorry to offend those who think their weather is “all that,”