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Personal Accountability: Doing My Job

I asked our twentysomething daughter, Molly, who has served as captain of soccer and basketball teams, “Molly, in your opinion, what makes an effective team?”

12 Thoughts Achievers Think

As the SunPraireFilms.com photographer—also the only QBQ! daughter-in-law, Casey Mae—prepared to snap the next shot of this author/speaker, she wryly said, “Okay, John, pretend you’re

Parenting: Loving The Job Is The Best Approach

Skimming the internet, I stopped on a parenting article which began with a fairly common statement: “Parenting is one of the toughest jobs around.”  Karen and

Goal-Setting: Most Advice Is Wrong

A mentor of mine—W.Steven Brown—taught me a goal-setting concept that would challenge the modern-day over-achiever.  A true goal is not the mountain I hope to climb,

21 Ingredients for Holiday Stress

The holidays are a special time … until they’re not. They can be quickly ruined when we choose to engage in stress-inducing behaviors. So, this year, let’s

7 Signs We’ve Taken Accountability Too Far

Jeremy posted this question on our QBQ! Facebook page: Is it possible to have too much personal accountability? Our response:  Sure, Jeremy—but then it’s not personal