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Accountability: Can Feelings Be Wrong?

“Feelings just are” is a famous phrase that popped up some years ago. The intent was good—you know, it’s okay to be frustrated, disappointed, and

Helping People Isn’t Complicated

On her front lawn chatting with friends, Miller Offspring #2 (of 7) saw some boys grab an item from the street. It was a wallet.

Just 199 Words: 6 Truths of Humility

At age 8, I got into trouble for scribbling four words on a wooden toy block (actual block pictured): “John Miller the great” You see,

Email: Still An Outstanding Tool

Sometimes, I’ll email potential vendors to see if and how they’ll respond. It’s like a test. Is that wrong? 😆 Email has been with us

Being Outstanding Is Just This Simple

Our customer service comprises quality, speed, and pricing—please choose two. 😆 I saw the sentiment above around 1990. Never forgot it. When we wrote Outstanding!

Character (Still) Counts

In this candid photo (boldly taken without asking 😉), we see boss Chad. Yes, people today prefer “leader” but “boss” still works for me. As

Jamar and Jenn: An Outstanding Team

When we published this fun customer service piece—Personal Accountability = Being Outstanding!—our story’s hero, Jamar, surprisingly saw it and commented: “I come to work to

199 Words: Have Labels Become Excuses?

Are you into labels? “I’m having a lousy day” has become, “I’m suffering from … anxiety.” “I need to work on concentrating, being less distracted”—a

QBQ: Standing Strong On Principle(s)

Solid principles are required to successfully withstand the pressures of daily living. My sister sent this photo of her Ohio tree that withstood countless storms