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Pure Personal Accountability

One of our “Personal Accountability & the QBQ!” training distributors, in her 70s and retiring from consulting, emailed … “John, I reviewed the QBQ! training

Accountability: Words Are A Choice

SPECIAL OUTSTANDING! BOOK PRICING Grab  your QBQ! book here or Amazon —————- Ever heard a politician say the wrong thing? The governor of New York told the citizens belonging to

Excuse-Making: Anyone Can Do It!

Ready for a virtual QBQ! workshop? Explore here. Todd volunteers in an Alaskan prison. He believes in the QBQ! message of Personal Accountability so much

13 Reasons To NOT Work In Retail

The Premise There are many jobs where a person never interacts with the public, but retail isn’t one of them. Whether serving food and drink at Olive Garden or

6 Powerful and Inspirational Quotes I Love

Grab the new QBQ! Workbook here. Personal, powerful, and practical! I’ve been asked, “What are you currently reading and what do you recommend?”   My

Careful, Making Assumptions Is Costly!

Grab the new QBQ! Workbook here. Personal, powerful, practical! The Story In 1984, while living in Great Falls, Montana with my wife, Karen, and our


Order THE QBQ! WORKBOOK on Personal Accountability and win FREE stuff! Yesterday, I was “The Jerk.” Do you recall the 1979 Steve Martin movie “The Jerk” where

OWNERSHIP: A Powerful Principle of Success

What’s New at QBQ!? “The QBQ! Workbook” and Everything Else! Since 2012, Karen and I have owned a 1995 home in the Rocky Mountains. Sitting