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6 Truths of Self-Pity and the Dangers of Victim Thinking

When does compassion for people become the enabling of victim thinking? Here’s a phenomenon I’ve noticed: Some people who love the QBQ! book’s message of Personal Accountability—and refuse to suffer

Harmony Happens With Personal Accountability

Spencer Werness of Delta Airlines—you won the “stash” of 6 FREE QBQ! books! Congratulations! News Flash #1: Relationships Can Be Healthy The Miller marriage is

Playing the Victim: Why Go There?

In our blog, The Solution Is Right In Front of Me, I stated, “My life can and will be better when I choose to make it better. Anything else is blame,

The Solution Is Right In Front of Me!

On our QBQ! Facebook page, I posted, “My success begins and ends with my choices.” Many folks said, “Amen!” Except for one guy. He wrote