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3 Ways To Handle “Toxic” Colleagues

In our QBQ! Group on Facebook, (feel free to join us!) we posed this question: Should people expect to not experience stress at work? This query

7 Statements Accountable People Make

BRAND NEW! QBQ! Facebook Discussion Group! Our son and his wife moved into a new home. For three months, they tolerated high-energy neighbor dogs left

JUST 225 WORDS: Do I Play The Blame Game?

No matter how well we think we know and practice the QBQ! book’s message of Personal Accountability— blame can creep into our lives. We must

Downloading Personal Accountability to Gen Z

A Pennsylvania-based manufacturing firm committed to “Making Personal Accountability a Core Value” using our in-house QBQ! training process. The executive who acquired the program decided

10 Tips For Better Living

“When you find a ‘perfect world,’ send me the address.” ~Police Commissioner, Frank Reagan, of “Blue Bloods” on CBS (actor Tom Sellick) Wha … ???

Never Forget: Learning Equals Change

There’s a movement toward greater self-awareness by understanding one’s personality. In general, this is healthy and good — but is it making a difference? My

Go 400 Extra Miles To Gain The Extra Edge

Some stories about being outstanding are so outstanding, they speak for themselves. So let’s get right to it! Our story comes from a believer in