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Enabling: Does Compassion Ever Cross the Line?

A phenomenon I’ve noticed:  People who embrace the QBQ! book’s message of Personal Accountability—and refuse to engage in victim thinking—sometimes support other folk’s victim-itis. Even though they agree

Marriage: Learning, Growth, and Change

 Got marriage? Karen and I do—almost 43 years. And this marriage is in its best shape ever.  Is your marriage healthy? We weren’t for a long

Only 199 Words: Eliminate “Yeah, buts”

Super succinct! Dive in … Yeah-but-itis is a negative habit that looks and sounds like this: A CEO apologizes for layoffs yet people question, “Yeah,

13 Consequences of Blame

Only when individuals engage in accountability, responsibility, and on-the-job ownership, will the very real dragons of finger-pointing, culprit-seeking, and blame be slain. This is when