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5 Critical Traits of Leadership

Five Critical Leadership Traits Since we all love a good list, let’s get right to it!  ACCOUNTABLE The funny thing about leaders who practice Personal

Speak Well To Those Who Pay the Bills

One chapter in Outstanding! is titled “Never Forget Who Pays the Bills.” Yet, some people do. I witnessed an airlines gate agent in Richmond, VA,

Accountability: Can Feelings Be Wrong?

“Feelings just are” is a famous phrase that popped up some years ago. The intent was good—it’s okay to be frustrated, disappointed, and hurt. Pendulums

Enabling: Does Compassion Ever Cross the Line?

A phenomenon I’ve noticed:  People who embrace the QBQ! book’s message of Personal Accountability—and refuse to engage in victim thinking—sometimes support other folk’s victim-itis. Even though they agree

Marriage: Learning, Growth, and Change

 Got marriage? Karen and I do—almost 43 years. And this marriage is in its best shape ever.  Is your marriage healthy? We weren’t for a long

Only 199 Words: Eliminate “Yeah, buts”

Super succinct! Dive in … Yeah-but-itis is a negative habit that looks and sounds like this: A CEO apologizes for layoffs yet people question, “Yeah,