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Parenting With QBQ: Raising Contrarians

How many of us heard this while growing up? “Well, if he jumped off a bridge, would you???” There’s a whole bunch of parental wisdom

Accountable Men: Wedding Rings and Fatherhood

Outstanding men work – and practice personal accountability. Is there anything you hate leaving the house without? Cell? Chapstick? Make-up? Driver’s license? For me, it’s

Who Is In Charge of Your Family?

I delivered a “Personal Accountability and the QBQ!” session to a 60 person department of a university in Salt Lake City. Since QBQ! applies to

Accountable Parenting

Little did we know on that first date as teens in November 1976 in Ithaca, N.Y. that we’d someday parent seven children and put together

Personal Accountability and Money

Allow me to share The Miller’s personal financial journey … I had been working for a fine firm called Cargill as a grain trader in