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Relationships: Being Different is Okay

John (age 22) and Karen (19) on June 21, 1980 Karen Elizabeth Giles Miller has many roles … “Best friend” to John since 1976 “Mrs.

Personal Accountability: Fixing Me!

When I do a radio, TV, or podcast interview, I’m often asked this question: “John, what is the number one take-away for people who read

3 Powerful Principles of QBQ! Parenting

The Millers Kristin, the oldest of our seven children and a member of the QBQ, Inc. team, knowing my “salesy” personality, coined a phrase a

An Update on “Becca Boo”

In September 2012 we published this QBQ QuickNote after our daughter, Kristin, gave birth to little “Becca Boo”: “Becca Boo” Lindeen 7 1/2 months Well, all these

3 Traits of Accountable People

QBQ! fans know that accountable folks don’t ask Incorrect Questions (IQs) such as: “Why don’t I ever get a break?” “When will they communicate better?”

Accountability: The Power of Our Words

It was 1974 and I was 16. Mesmerized, I stared at the church organ dangling fifteen feet above the sanctuary floor. The church was the