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JUST99WORDS: “I learned a lot!” You sure?

I love those conflicting two-word phrases called oxymorons … “pretty ugly” “legal brief” “old news” “committee decision” And, “country music.” 🙂 Another: Adult learning We’re

JUST99WORDS: It’s All About Me!

John, Karen, three active grandkids—and a 34 year, work-in-progress marriage. In 1991, eleven years married, Karen said, “John, I’m going to marriage counseling. You coming?!”

“Young man, please step away from the wall!”

“Young man, please step away from the wall!” The college-age employee turned, looked at me, and then—beaming slightly—stepped back from his work. Aiming my iPhone

No Excuses Living Is No Mistake

While many talk about leaving a better world to our children, accountable parents work to leave better children to the world. One thing I’ve learned

Skip the Blame, Solve the Problem

  “Karen, I dropped Becca!” It was our son-in-law calling my wife’s cell. It seems that “Becca Boo”—her painful but triumphant Sept 21, 2012 birth story