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Let’s Not Blame Mom and Dad

1966 Millers with The QBQ! Guy being cool with fingers in ears. Question: Do you blame Mom and/or Dad for how your life is going

Downloading Personal Accountability to Gen Z

A Pennsylvania-based manufacturing firm committed to “Making Personal Accountability a Core Value” using our in-house QBQ! training process. The executive who acquired the program decided

Family Breakdown: 12 Mistakes to Avoid

It is often said our world’s woes can be traced to a “breakdown of the family.” So I got thinking, What exactly breaks a family

Accountability and American Role Models

Grab the new QBQ! Workbook here. Personal, powerful, practical! Note: I did not write this piece from a political view, so let’s not go there. This

Formula for Powerful Personal Growth: 2 – 1 = 3

Pruning: “to remove unneeded branches or limbs; to trim; to clear the undesirable” It might be the most common metaphor of all time, but it works. In the collage above: Image One: Our upside

Ever Overreact With Your Teenager?

This email came to us just the other day. Enjoy! Dear QBQ, Inc.— My manager just took our department through the “Personal Accountability and the

13 “Holiday Traditions” to Lose – NOW!

Beyond some super bad holiday portraits taken in some families (we’ve all seen them!, there are some other holiday traditions that we might want to lose.