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Outstanding Organizations: No Denial Allowed

“Complacency is a state of satisfaction combined with an unawareness of potential danger, and it’s often characterized by one word: smug. Outstanding organizations know that

Building a QBQ! Culture: Hiring Right

Even in a difficult economy, organizations must hire. And though “recruiting, interviewing, and selecting” is always important, it’s even more so when times are lean,

How to Hold Accountable Conversations

“If I agreed with you, we’d both be wrong.” Anonymous Conversations. We have them all the time. With family, colleagues, friends, our dog—even ourselves. They’ve

Accountability: The Coin of Change

When it comes to handling organizational change, there’s been little change. While in college a decade ago, Kristin was a bank teller. One day she

Managers: Get Some Training!

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Outstanding! is Different

QBQ! QuickNote® Outstanding! is Different Since “outstanding” means to stand out—and only a few organizations really do—then it makes sense to say that to be