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3 Ways To Handle “Toxic” Colleagues

In our QBQ! Group on Facebook, (feel free to join us!) we posed this question: Should people expect to not experience stress at work? This query

Are You Training On The Right Stuff?

Are you standing on the foundation of Personal Accountability? The two-ton boulder pictured was the first of 22 Miller “landscape” rocks and is our largest.

Skilled People Managers Are The Best Leaders

WARNING: This might offend — “Leadership” is the most over-emphasized ability, over-used buzzword, over-stressed quality, and the most misunderstood concept in the organizational world today.

The QBQ! Essence: Serving People

A meaningful moment for us is when a reader of QBQ! The Question Behind the Question applies our message of Personal Accountability in ways we’d

Accountability: How Team Toshiba Lives QBQ!

Toshiba Corporation of Mitchell, South Dakota—home of the famous Corn Palace—is a QBQ! organization. Since 2013, they’ve been inculcating the QBQ! message of Personal Accountability

What Are YOU Hiring?

Hiring. One of the most critical activities organizations and managers engage in—and it never ends. Come on, be honest—have you ever felt vindicated? I do. ?? Allow me to

Be Like Edgar: CHOOSE To Be Outstanding!

As we write in the Outstanding! book, employers must begin to “hire character over credentials.” Organizations would do well to focus less on college degrees