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Never Forget: Learning Equals Change

There’s a movement toward greater self-awareness by understanding one’s personality. In general, this is healthy and good — but is it making a difference? My

Like To Debate? 10 “Fighting Fair” Rules

At work, home, or online, how do we effectively collaborate and communicate with people when we don’t see eye-to-eye? By learning to “fight fair.” ? Let’s

Blessings: What’s On Your List?

My wife, Karen, and I’ve never known anyone whose home burned to the ground. Until now. Due to the Camp Fire in northern California last Friday,

Harmony Happens With Personal Accountability

Spencer Werness of Delta Airlines—you won the “stash” of 6 FREE QBQ! books! Congratulations! News Flash #1: Relationships Can Be Healthy The Miller marriage is

Family Breakdown: 12 Mistakes to Avoid

It is often said our world’s woes can be traced to a “breakdown of the family.” So I got thinking, What exactly breaks a family

Want Success? Raise Your Inner Game!

My wrestling coach dad, Jimmy Miller, had a poem hanging on the Cornell University grappling room wall in the 1960s. Still burned into my brain,