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The 13 Costs of Blame

Organizations that don’t eliminate blame right now are burning money! That’s my conclusion from working with a bunch of organizations since 1986. In fact, The Question

#CHANGE: 6 C’s and 1 Secret

Got #CHANGE? If so, let’s explore the “6 C’s of Change.” Every change process in every organization contains these components. It’s good to name them so

Against the Grain: 5 Steps to Leadership

Wow, did someone in the public eye really just buck current societal norms by drawing a line in the sand??? Now that’s leadership. Read on …

Almost 5 Traits of People Who Stand Out

Do you know someone who stands out on their “likability” alone? If so, have you studied them? Let’s do that here by exploring 5 traits

Skip the Blame, Solve the Problem

  “Karen, I dropped Becca!” It was our son-in-law calling my wife’s cell. It seems that “Becca Boo”—her painful but triumphant Sept 21, 2012 birth story

Work Like Woody: Be a Mood-Lifter!

I regret to inform you that if you have read QBQ! but not its companion book—Flipping the Switch … Unleash the Power of Personal Accountability Using