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9 Shortcuts That Take Us Nowhere

I used a sharp-beyond-belief CutCo brand pearl-handle serrated knife to bang on and loosen the top of a jar of canned peaches. I removed the lid,

Pedestals Are For Dead People

I’ve always enjoyed my laptops, getting a new one every couple years. All PC’s, too. Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, HP, and Asus. During that time, though,

15 Reasons To Ask Questions

Do you know that I ask a lot of questions? 🙂 And there’s nothing wrong with that, since I’m a salesperson in all ways, and this

Why I’ll Never Go Into the Woods Again!

Got fear? I do. Or maybe I should say fears. Like any parent—and now grandparent—I do fear the danger our children face “out there” in the world,

Do You Know the 4th Source of Anger?

Since we all experience the secondary emotion of anger, it’s important for our emotional health and overall well-being to know the primary sources of anger.

The Cafeteria COO: How to Lead

“Hello, how are ‘ya?” “Good to see you!” “Hey, it’s been a while.” That’s how lunch went in the dining establishment that was so fancy,