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JUST99WORDS: The Service Secret

David, a Rockwall, Texas Costco photo customer, shares the secret to winning him over forever: My posters were done when promised. They took the time

JUST99WORDS: Outstanding Service

*JUST99WORDS I dropped my family at the San Diego airport and drove the mini-van to the Hertz facility. Once parked, I headed toward the Hertz

“Sorry, that’s our policy” = FAIL!

“Organizations that put polices before people fail everyone.” Outstanding! Have you taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)? The Millers have, and doing so has enabled

Outstanding Service: Making a Customer for Life

Now that we have a daughter working at Target (“Cool Managers” blog), I’ve learned a bunch about the challenges—headaches!?—of managing a retail store. And here’s

Ownership Is Outstanding!

If you’ve read Outstanding!, then you know all about the “47 ways to make your organization exceptional.” If you haven’t, here’s the list. Well, author’s prerogative—I’m adding a 48th:

Be Outstanding … Do Not Get Fired!

We all know that organizations fire people, but as we say in Outstanding!, people fire organizations. Recently, while conducting a “Be Outstanding!” day of training

Outstanding Service Lives!

A longtime client and friend to QBQ! sent us this email. Completely in his own words, Kim Stephens shares this story. Outstanding service – it’s

Accountability: Say It, Do It!

The point of this missive is not to pick on a nice guy, but to show how easy it is to say, “I believe in

Personal Accountability … Bengy Style!

Personal Accountability … Bengy Style! Need to buy a car? If so, then here’s where you go: Mountain States Toyota, Denver, Colorado. Why? Because they