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Guest post by Kristin E. Lindeen, The QBQ! Daughter After a hectic week of business travel and kids’ activities bleeding into a busy weekend, I

Retain Customers, Beat the Competition

When speaking on “Personal Accountability and the QBQ!” we’ll ask audiences—tongue-in-cheek—if they are in a competitive business. 😉 No client crowd has yet to say

Speak Well To Those Who Pay the Bills

One chapter in Outstanding! is titled “Never Forget Who Pays the Bills.” Yet, some people do. I witnessed an airlines gate agent in Richmond, VA,

Selling: Anyone Can Do It!

“You’re hired!” That’s what a QBQ, Inc. prospective client told Kristin—booking her for two QBQ! speaking engagements—and it happened for several reasons. It helped that

A Picture of Outstanding: Simply Serving!

Serving customers, building loyalty, and being outstanding are not that complicated. Rich, an Outstanding! and QBQ! reader, tells us all about it. Enjoy the simplicity—and

20 Thoughts Accountable People Think

It is forever true: I am a product of my thinking. How I live today is driven by how I thought yesterday. I will act tomorrow based

Outstanding Service Could Not Be Simpler

  I don’t know why, but nothing intrigues me more than outstanding customer service. Maybe it’s because, after 35 years in the training and development

Diet Coke or Mustard — It’s QBQ! Service

When my personal experience at the Rockbottom Restaurant became Chapter One of the QBQ! book — “Jacob and the Diet Coke” — little did I know