Be Like Edgar: CHOOSE To Be Outstanding!

As we write in the Outstanding! book, employers must begin to “hire character over credentials.” Organizations would do well to focus less on college degrees and more on candidates with strong character.

Edgar has character.


We get our vehicles serviced at our local Les Schwab Tire Center. Schwab is conveniently located only two miles from our home but the main reason we always go to Schwab?


Edgar, age 22, is a shining example of what a young person can do and become. Yes, the entire Les Schwab staff is courteous and helpful, and store manager, Jeremiah, gets credit for that. However, Edgar stands out.

Which makes him … outstanding.

Evidence of Character

Edgar’s character exudes from him at every turn. What’s so exceptional about this Edgar fella?

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6 Truths of Self-Pity and the Dangers of Victim Thinking

When does compassion for people become the enabling of victim thinking?

Here’s a phenomenon I’ve noticed: Some people who love the QBQ! book’s message of Personal Accountabilityand refuse to suffer from victim thinking themselveswill support other people’s tendency to play the victim. Even though they agree with this statement:

When I play the victim, I serve no one—not even myself.

Why some go out of their way to paint certain groups of people as victims—seeking to create a “fairer and more just world,” they’d say—is beyond me. PLEASE don’t get me wrong, we should desire to serve those who are less fortunate, but …

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Discover 5 Areas of Life Where Stability Leads to Greater Energy

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My son-in-law, Justin, showed me the new race car track he’d bought his two-year-old son, Wyatt.

As Justin and I were playing with it (boys will be boys, ‘ya know) the little car headed toward a bend. At the curve, the track wobbled so much it caused the car to slow down and just … fall to the carpet.

As Justin reached over to tighten a supporting track leg, something he’d clearly done before, he made this offhand comment:

“When the track’s not stable, the car loses energy.”

And I thought …

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The Backbone of America Is Named … Maria

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Backbone of America

I ran into a gal I graduated with from high school in 1976. Though I’m not very relational and don’t spend a lot of my time “visiting folks,” I thoroughly enjoyed seeing her.

This get-together wasn’t tons of fun for me just because it was a blast from the past. It was the person—Maria Cacciotti Salino—who made it special.

She’s an impressive person. Some would call Maria “the backbone of America.”


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The Workplace: Do People Want To Work?

From Steve, a business owner:

“What’s peculiar about today’s workforce—and perplexes me to no end—is people ask to earn more money, but when we give them additional work and hours, they go home. Hence, our recruiting job never ends.”

In this QBQ! QuickNote, instead of a big story or profound lesson on Personal Accountability or outstanding QBQ!-esque customer service, we’ll dive into the world of work, mostly because, like Steve, I’m confused.

I’ll share several examples of what I see happening, and ask you to assess and comment. Here we go!

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5 Ways to Evaluate Your Openness to Feedback


Feedback is good. Without it, how do I improve?

“So, all I have to do, Beth, is push this button to evaluate you?” I asked incredulously.

“Yep. That’s right,” said Beth, an outstanding Colorado State government team member. Smiling, she handed me new license plates for a car we’d just bought.

My first thought as I pressed the EXCELLENT button: Glad my wife doesn’t have one of these for me at home!

My next thought:

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Accountability and Young People—Win 6 Books!

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Truth: Each generation complains about the one that follows.

Am I right or am I right? 😎

But here’s another approach: We could help them be better than us. Since “modeling is the most powerful of all teachers,” we can live a righteous life for young people to see, study, and emulate. We can also give them tools to help them make their way.

Here’s an idea on how to do just that …

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Be Outstanding—Don’t Let CHANGE Happen TO You!

shared bedroom, change, chaos, dealing with change

Ever rearranged a room and right in the middle of the process thought, This will never work! It’s too much change. I don’t know what to do next. Chaos!

But then, you push forward—and suddenly, it all comes together.

That’s what happened when my wife, Karen, and I changed around the big dorm-like room at the top of our Denver home. With most of our seven offspring grown and gone but returning frequently with their kids, it was time for … change.

It was not something we had to do. It was something we chose to do. With eight grandchildren and two more due by July 4th, well, you understand.

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Cynicism Is a Choice: Take The High Road Instead


When we at QBQ, Inc. work with client teams, we help them understand the danger of possessing a cynical attitude. What is cynicism?

Cynicism: Doubting the intentions, motives, and sincerity of others.

Thinking the worst of people—coworkers, management, neighbors, friends, family—is an awful way to work and live. It’s something I have to be careful to avoid. When I fall prey to cynicism, I play the victim asking Incorrect Questions (IQs) like, “Why is life so unfair?” “Who’s doing this to me?” and “When will people treat me right?”

Bad questions, for sure. (For more on IQs vs. accountable QBQs, click here)

The Millers Are Black and White

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Crystal Clear Picture of “Employee Engagement”

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Is your organization striving for high-level “employee engagement”?

If so, here’s a story from Anna, a superintendent of schools in Virginia, presenting a crystal clear picture of an engaged team member. Good stuff. Enjoy and … share on!

Anna’s Story Is Howard’s Story

John, I’ve listened to “QBQ!,” “Flipping the Switch,” and “Outstanding!” several times on audio. I love how such practical content can change a life so much and make my world a happier place. I now look for examples to share. Here’s one …

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