Blame Game: 1961 Song Might Be the Fix We Need


The King performing “Put the Blame On Me”

Imagine a world of no finger-pointing, culprit-seeking, excuse-making, and blame.

You’re probably thinking, No way, John! No blame at all? It’ll never happen!

You could be right. I mean, just watch the news, see what’s trending on social media, and listen to what is espoused daily by our political “leaders” …

What are we witnessing?

The greatest lack of PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY in the history of humankind!

Okay, a bit melodramatic, but it’s pretty bad right now. So I believe we need “The King” to return and saves us all.

The King of Rock and Roll, that is.

In his 1965 movie “Tickle Me,” Elvis showed us here how it can be done. The 1961 song “Put the Blame On Me” surely could be the fix we need in these Blame Game times.

Read and feel these lyrics:

Go ahead, use my name

I’ll be proud to take the blame

Put the blame, put the blame on me

Where these powerful words could be applied:

A manager of a department/team that’s not performing sings:

Put the blame, put the blame on me!

A spouse in a struggling marriage intones:

Put the blame, put the blame on me!

A sales rep with below-quota numbers croons:

Put the blame, put the blame on me!

A teacher with an underperforming class harmonizes:

Put the blame, put the blame on me!

A politician who has let the people down belts out:

Put the blame, put the blame on me!

A person with extra pounds warbles:

Put the blame, put the blame on me!

An employee who’s not learning, growing, and changing trills:

Put the blame, put the blame on me!

A consumer with too much debt … well, you can sing along by now.

When I’m asked why I wrote the QBQ! book on accountability, I say, “I needed it.”

Still do.

I recently caught our visiting daughter’s springer spaniel emptying her one-quart bladder onto my “man cave” carpet. #FRUSTRATING!!!

My instantaneous and a very human reaction was, “Who didn’t let Eva out???”

But then my QBQ! response that took over was this:

Put the blame, put the blame on me!

The truth is, I could’ve/should’ve let the dog out. No excuses.

When we take that higher path of PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY, everything is better. If nothing else, Elvis is smiling.

Wherever he still is.

Share an example from your life where you need to start singing, Put the blame, put the blame on me! 

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8 Responses

  1. John, I’ve heard other people bring up the point and I think it is a good one – politicians are not our “leaders”. They are our “representatives”. On one hand, this changes the perspective to show they work for us, not the other way around, but it also shifts the accountability. WE elected them to represent us. If we don’t like their performance, WE should elect someone else (or lobby, or petition, or otherwise engage in the political process).

  2. I have always subscribed to this principle; however, experience has taught me caution. Being the department manager many years ago I had an employee make a very expensive mistake, I explained what had happened and took responsibility both to company management and the customer who’s asset was damaged. I presented a plan to resolve the issue and got everyone’s buy-in on the plan. The problem came a couple of years later when I was rejected for employment because my name was associated with the damage – the employee who caused the damage was selected for the position. I have also observed how the media crucifies people who stand up and take responsibility while excusing the excuse-maker. I still believe in this approach and will continue to practice this principle.

  3. Makes me think of a bible passage: “Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress.” 1 Timothy 4:15 NIV If we take accountability for our actions or lack of action we will make the world a better place or at least the areas where we have influence.

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