10 Tips For Better Living

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“When you find a ‘perfect world,’ send me the address.”

~Police Commissioner, Frank Reagan, of “Blue Bloods” on CBS (actor Tom Sellick)

Wha … ??? No perfect world?! That’s a shocker!  ?

Well, then, I better start practicing these life-changing ideas right now …

10 Tips For Good Living

1. Stop with the perpetual “I’m offended!” stuff.
2. Quit whining about being treated unfairly.
3. Take responsibility for all aspects of my life.
4. Work, work, work my backside off.
5. Cease envying those who have more than me.
6. Immediately become a giver, not a taker.
7. Commit to learning, growing, and changing.
8. Be grateful and show gratitude for what I have.
9. Eliminate anger and resentment from my heart.
10. Grow up.

Which of these “10 Tips” do you need to start practicing right now?


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