After the Holiday Weekend: A Perspective on #PERSPECTIVE

The day after a three-day weekend can be tough. It’s easy to feel, you know, not real peppy.

Possibly I’m not peppy because I’m pooped.

Did you build a deck, cut down trees, plant rose bushes, clean your house top to bottom, entertain? If so, nothing wrong with being tired today.

But maybe the lack of pep is really those I-don’t-love-what-I-do blues. Been there—in a past life. 

Now I do love what I do—speaking, training, selling, helping people—but I can still feel that, Ugh, not sure I can get going on this day after a long weekend! feeling.

But then I remember:


I wrote this blog on PERSPECTIVE when beautiful Becca “Boo” was born to daughter, Kristin, in September 2012. We sure were scared there for a few days, but she’s perfect. If you missed it or need some PERSPECTIVE again, read it here.

PERSPECTIVE is a critical thing, and often needed the morning after a holiday weekend. So here’s a dose … for me:

  • My wife of 34 years, Karen (@QBQMom), loves me and our marriage is strong.
  • I turn 56 this week and I’m healthy and well.
  • I’m still missing those 42 pounds I lost beginning in April 2012.
  • Every Miller who drove somewhere over the holiday weekend arrived home safely—even if they were just going to the store.
  • Karen and I have seven great kids and now three grandkids. McKenna—grandchild #3—was born to daughter, Tara, July 22, 2013. The same day England got a future king, we got a princess.
  • Only son, Michael, flies into Denver today to film me speaking in Colorado Springs tomorrow. Dad’s QBQ, Inc. and Mike’s working together. #ProudFather

    Becca "Boo" - McKenna Beth - Joshua
    Becca “Boo” – McKenna – Joshua
  • Kristin’s Joshua, age 4, is creative, fun, funny. Uncle Mike 2.0.
  • Over the long weekend, I ate 3 meals each day. Some didn’t.
  • I have income. Some don’t.
  • I have friends. Not many, since I’m not very relational, but the few I have are good ones.
  • I have indoor plumbing.

Wow, one look at that list and it’s clear I am over blessed.

Are you way blessed, too? How’s your PERSPECTIVE doing on this day after?

Please share below!

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22 Responses

  1. I am doing awesome the day after the holiday. Today is going to be a great day. I decided it would years ago!

  2. We all need a little perspective from time to time. Sometimes it comes in the form of gratitude or simply changing of our attitude. I’ve learned that one of the greatest things about living in the US is that if you aren’t happy with your circumstances you can change them. If you feel you can’t change your circumstances, you can certainly change your attitude and that, in itself, may change your circumstances.

  3. Whenever I start the PLOM (Poor Little-Old-Me) pitty party, I remember that I too am overly blessed. I woke up this morning, I was able to get out of bed, and I have a wife and 3 daughters who love me and who are healthy.

  4. Thank you for your timely word … again. It is easy for me at times to lose perspective in life and your word helped lift me up during a “down” time in my life. God Bless!

  5. After working two of the three days of the long weekend. I had monday off and went to our tiny towns Memorial day parade. Although very very brief, if you sneezed you probably missed it, I stood and watched veterns of all branches either marching by, or riding in vehicles as they were too elderly to walk, there was that freeze in time, just for an instant, of these men and women who fought for our country and filled my heart with gratitude that I live in the United States. I could wax on and on about my circumstances and what I think I lack. But truly, I have all I need and am grateful.
    Thanks John, for a proverbial whack in the head on occasion, love your books!

  6. John, your comment about indoor plumbing made me instantly think of OUR 20 year old “Boo” – Kara, who has been over in Uganda for the past two weeks working with a mission group called Sole Hope, who actually dig jiggers (parasites) out of the feet of children who have no shoes, then provide the children with what may be the first pair of shoes they have ever had. Thank you for nudging our consciences…we are truly blessed!

  7. Well, I admit that I needed the inspiration that the story provides and the comments thus far! My perspective today has been only on what the problems are/were over the holiday, since it did not go the way I had wanted.
    I plan to take a walk over lunch and try to alter it with a better perspective since I do have a good job, great people in my life, a few life accomplishments to reflect upon, and perhaps will see just what I can do to make a difference in the things that are making me unhappy today. Thank you for the perspective advice!

  8. Feeling that way, to some degree. Grateful for the steady income, but also working on projects that will propel me into doing what I love. So a little push and pull for me this morning as I got out of bed.
    Always good to be reminded to stop and be grateful! Thanks!

  9. I am reading The Auschwitz Escape by Joel C. Rosenberg. We so take our freedoms, our abundant blessings for granted. I am trying to take time each day to consider all that God has blessed me with; and to remember in prayer those who live without.

  10. Thanks for your blog, John – read today’s and went back and read the one after your granddaughter was born. Just what I needed to remind me what’s truly important while swimming in the insignificant! You’re a blessing….

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