Accountable Men: Wedding Rings and Fatherhood

Outstanding men work – and practice personal accountability.

Is there anything you hate leaving the house without? Cell? Chapstick? Make-up? Driver’s license? For me, it’s always been my wallet – and my watch. The latter because I just want to know what time it is, all the time. But it turns out there’s something I miss even more when I don’t have it, I just didn’t know!

My wedding ring.

A week ago, our 30-year-old oldest – @KristinLindeen – and I were sitting in a Florida restaurant chatting with a delightful new friend, Angela. Suddenly, Kristin said, “Dad, where is your wedding ring???” I looked at my left hand and for the first time since 6/21/80, it was unadorned!

I felt naked. Not sure if that’s a feeling, but I did, as I slowly pulled my left hand under the table. I almost wanted to give 28-year-old Angela an explanation.

No, really, Angela, I am married – and I like being married to @QBQMom, I do. Seriously!

It’s funny, almost 33 years and seven kids into this thing called marriage, I never realized that I like the feeling of “being owned.” I’ve been claimed. I am somebody’s. And it’s forever. Marriage isn’t a throw-away thing like today’s home printers. Nor is a spouse something to be traded in like last year’s iPhone for an “upgrade.” It’s permanent, it’s everlasting. Karen is always there and I’m always here – and that’s all good.

Accountable men, this world needs them.

Now, the good news. The ring I lost (I thought possibly in Florida or maybe on the airplane getting there) showed up! I walked out on our back deck yesterday in Denver and there it was, down next to my foot on the decking. I bent down, picked it up, slid it on to my finger – and all was right with the world.

I was so glad, too, because as I’d just told Karen minutes earlier, it appeared the only options were 1) Buy a new ring 2) Divorce. I honestly didn’t like either choice much. (Okay, okay, it was a joke, alright!?!)

So, what do we have here? A man admitting – proclaiming – that he likes marriage. I’m okay with that. It’s a positive statement about the institution, Karen, and maybe even @QBQGuy.

So, I had all of this in mind when I did a radio interview this week for a program benefiting men, hosted by Rod Precise. I hope you enjoy this show as we tie our “Personal Accountability and the QBQ!” message to being a better father, husband – man. Good stuff. Listen here to the Son, Brother, Husband, Father Show hosted by Ron.

Now, all you wives, daughters, moms, and sisters reading this post, please pass it on to the husbands, dads, sons, and brothers you know. But first, our discussion question:

How can and do men best demonstrate personal accountability to those around them? Specific examples?

Leave a comment, create some dialogue!


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  1. Admitting mistakes, when appropriate. Carry the burdens of their wives… Lift others up in prayer.

    John, on a side note, is this a Word Press site? If so, what plugin is used to get the social media “pop up” buttons at the bottom of your posts?

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