QBQ! Accountability Training for Organizations

QBQ! is a training system that we license to clients. We don’t sell Facilitator Kits. Please review each facet of this page (don’t miss the FAQs)—then inquire below!

Is Personal Accountability a core and guiding value in your organization? If not, the “Personal Accountability and the QBQ!” multi-media, accountability training system is the tool for you!

Accountability training system video demo: 15 minutes of instruction by John G. Miller and Kristin E. Lindeen (actual DVD training system segments):

The Personal Accountability and the QBQ! training system is needed no matter what other kinds of training an organization provides because accountability is the foundation of an outstanding organization. Before service, management, sales, and team training should come accountability training with QBQ!

Why Should QBQ! Training Come Before All Other Training?

When Blame (“13 Costs of Blame” blog), Victim Thinking, and Procrastination exist, teamwork, productivity, morale, and results suffer. All things are better—including your current training efforts—when individuals learn to practice QBQ! When personal accountability becomes a core value, great things happen! To learn more about how QBQ! came to be, click here. The QBQ! training system is one that QBQ, Inc. licenses to client organizations to facilitate internally. Implementation by you within your culture creates customization, ownership, learning, and long-term results. QBQ! training is easy, fun, and rewarding to facilitate. More info:

What Tools Are Included?

The QBQ! training system includes practical tools for your facilitator and the participants.

Each Participant Receives (Note: the Guide image opens):

  60-page QBQ! Participant Guide, QBQ! The Question Behind the Question and Flipping the Switch hardcover books, QBQ! pen, pad, and content pocket card.

Your Facilitator Receives (Note: the Guide image opens):

  90-page Facilitator Guide, access to the complete QBQ! instructional video online, QBQ! The Question Behind the Question and Flipping the Switch hardcover books, QBQ! pen, pad, and content pocket card, and a “Be Outstanding!” mousepad.


If you are a self-employed, independent trainer/consultant who’d like to explore becoming a wholesale distributor of the QBQ! training program: inquire here.