Downloading Personal Accountability to Gen Z

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A Pennsylvania-based manufacturing firm committed to “Making Personal Accountability a Core Value” using our in-house QBQ! training process. The executive who acquired the program decided the QBQ! book would benefit his family, so he took it home. Then this email arrived from his “Gen Z” teen:

Dear Mr. Miller —

My dad is a client of yours. When he mentioned “QBQ” to us at home, my brothers and I asked what it meant. So he made a deal with us: If we watched your YouTube video—without talking—he’d take us all out for ice cream!

So, after he had to restart the video 4 times, we actually began listening. ? You told the story about the restaurant server, Jacob, getting his customer a Diet Coke even though they don’t carry Coke.

My brothers and I all saw exactly how Jacob was an example of personal accountability. To this day, when we complain about other people or wonder why people act as they do, Dad asks us, “What would Jacob do?”

When my dad brought the QBQ! book home, he said, “You can read it”—so I did. That’s when I realized asking QBQ’s is more than getting someone a Coke—it’s about being responsible for your actions while going above and beyond in your job to help others.

Anyway, I asked myself, “What can I do to thank Mr. Miller for what I have learned?” so here I am emailing you to thank you for teaching me how to not blame others. I admit that when I first heard about QBQ! I didn’t realize I can use it every day at school and at home. I know that now.

Thank you for helping me not be a victim, like Gen Z’ers tend to be. I’d much rather be an accountable person.



16-yr-old high school sophomore

Please feel free to forward Elizabeth’s wonderful note to all the people you can! And, do you know young people who have not yet learned about QBQ!If so, grab a copy of QBQ! for them right here today!


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  1. Love this! I am so encouraged when I see young and old really gravitating towards the QBQ! and personal accountability concept. In addition to watching my kids live it out, I actually appreciate it when my kids call me out when they see me complaining or blaming. That’s when I know that they’re going to be okay!

  2. Elizabeth, you are OUTSTANDING!!! Keep this mentality throughout your life and you will have success in life & work. John G Millers book changed my life at 15 and as an adult now I couldn’t be more grateful for his teachings. My work and life relationships are plentiful and authentic, I help advise and build others to learn and sustain this same basic concept! Keep up the awesome attitude, the world is lucky to have you! PS John thanks again! The QBQ movement has not and will not lose its impact especially with folks like Elizabeth on our side!

  3. As a 6th grade teacher, I have been incorporating QBQ and I Own It! lessons into my curriculum for the past several years. Although I don’t see the fruits of my labor much, I hope as they get older they remember the lessons. It’s great to hear teenagers responding to it positively and realizing her peers are not always like that. There is hope for the future!

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