Accountability and Young People—Win 6 Books!

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Truth: Each generation complains about the one that follows.

Am I right or am I right? ?

But here’s another approach: We could help them be better than us. Since “modeling is the most powerful of all teachers,” we can live a righteous life for young people to see, study, and emulate. We can also give them tools to help them make their way.

Here’s an idea on how to do just that …

When prospective clients inquire about, they complete an Inquiry Form. The last question asks, “How did you hear of the QBQ! book?”

We received this answer to that question:

“My hairdresser’s twentysomething son worked at Subway for two weeks and then as a grocery bagger for two weeks. After quitting the second job, he squatted at a friend’s apartment with no income. Then he read QBQ! and his mom says the book changed his young millennial life. Now he has a new job and has been promoted twice!”

When this author saw that, I was humbled to the core. What could be better than the QBQ! book’s message of Personal Accountability helping this young man improve his life?

I don’t know how he found QBQ! but I know there are some “grown-ups” who’ve read QBQ! who then gifted it to the generation that will someday lead our world.

We’ll share a couple examples and then … introduce a fun contest to be entered!

Bob Tiede, a learned Texan, husband, dad, and grandpa—and an author—posted the LinkedIn photo above with this comment:

“Granddaughter, Sophie, accepted my reading challenge. She will receive $20 for every one-page report she completes after reading each of these books. Her report must answer two questions: ‘What did you learn?’ and ‘What are you going to start doing as a result of reading this book?’

Good job, Grandpa! Thanks for including QBQ!

This email came from Tom and Wendy Plymell of Iowa:

“John, we offered to pay our kids to read personal development books, and we required a written summary. Our oldest asked for the QBQ! book. We thought its principles to be perfect for a teen mind beginning to adopt an accountability thought process! A statement from his report: ‘Wisdom is an essential part of learning to use QBQ. We not only need to accept that we blame, procrastinate, and complain, we must accept that we need to change.’ Pretty great for a teen?!”

Young people learning to practice Personal Accountability—what could be better?

Fun QBQ! Contest For Youth

Now that summer is here and your child might have more free time, have him or her read QBQ! and email a written report* of at least 250 words to The Miller Millennial offspring will evaluate each one and choose a winner based on how well this two-part question is answered:

“What meant most to you in the QBQ! book and how will you apply QBQ! in your life?”

The prize? Six autographed books for the family!

And … a $25 gift certificate from Amazon, a good partner of ours as they have the QBQ! book right here!

The titles the winner will receive are:

QBQ! The Question Behind the Question

Flipping the Switch


The QBQ! Workbook

Raising Accountable Kids

I Own It!

All found here:

The submission deadline is Sunday, July 15th, 2018.

So, get on it and have fun! Again, that email address is! Let’s help the next generation live a life of Personal Accountability!

*Report Requirements: Please provide name, age, grade in school, resident state, and email address.


4 Responses

  1. John, great Idea, I have shared QBQ with my oldest granddaughter in the past and she really enjoyed it. Many life lessons to learn in advance. I have more grandchildren to motivate. Great topic for this coming fathers-day family event. Oh BTW, hope you have a wonderful Fathers Day!
    Smiles, Karen Jacobs, The Integrity Team, Inc.

  2. John,
    This is a great plan! I would want to think Laura and I are such good parents that our 5 boys already have it all together…….NOT! This has just become the homework assignment for the summer for the 3 younger guys. I’ll let this reading help shape their minds when I am not around to help them myself. Imagine a generation with less electronic stimulation and more QBQ readers. Oh what a world it would be.

    Jeff Dodson
    QBQ Supporter

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