Accountability and Self-Awareness

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Our son, Michael, gave me an odd compliment: “Dad will say a ton of stuff to you in 5 minutes, but he’ll never keep you too long.” 😊

Though I am highly verbal, and utter every thought, my sales experience helps me not talk someone’s ears off when they’d rather be elsewhere. All you have to do is watch a person’s body language. Easy peasy.

Do you keep people too long? Is there a person you avoid because he/she will, like, keep you all day!?! 😅

If you’re not sure if you do and others aren’t sure they do, then self-awareness is lacking.

Are you a self-aware individual?

 Self Awareness: A Powerful Tool

Self-awareness: “Understanding how well my thoughts, feelings, and actions align with my stated values, and how I’m perceived by others. Objectively interpreting my thinking, emotions, and behaviors.”

Want to be a better person tomorrow than you are today? Want to enrich your relationships at home and at work? If so, outstanding! But what’s the one tool that helps us do so? Is it that hot-selling self-help book by some famous-on-TV psychologist with a Southern drawl? Is it a training session your employer provides? Could it be a mentor in your life? All possible. In reality, though, the #1 self-development tool is …

… a mirror.

Only when I choose the path of Personal Accountability, will I routinely look into the mirror asking QBQs (learn more here) such as, “How can I improve myself?” and “What can I do today to know myself better?”

The metaphorical mirror is how we enhance our self-awareness. There is so much I can learn about me when I look hard at … me.

 Self-Awareness Questions

Ponder these important questions today:

Do I talk too much or too little?

Have I driven a friend away?

How annoying am I?

Am I in denial of my current health/fitness?

Do I let others control me?

Am I seeking to control others? 

What excuses am I making?

Am I a giver or a taker?

Am I winging it as a parent, or am I learning new skills?

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Do I worry about what others think of me?

Do I use an inordinate amount of energy/time judging?

Have I become haughty?

Do I strive for unobtainable perfection in any area of life?

Do I make more statements or ask more questions?

Have I demonstrated kindness today?

If I quit my job, would it matter to my employer/co-workers?

Will people really miss me when I’m gone?

Which of these questions are important to you right now?

But Don’t Overdo

These are, of course, excellent self-reflection questions, but let’s put this all in perspective. Recently, in our QBQ! Facebook Group (join us!) we asked members to discuss whether they self-reflect too much, too little, or just the right amount.

Several folks stated “too much.” Understood. Easy to do. However, being self-aware is not about beating ourselves up, allowing our inner critic to tear us down, and/or placing all of the world’s problems on our shoulders. So be careful to not turn self-awareness into self-flagellation.

When done right, reflecting on our own thoughts, feelings, motivations, actions, and habits is a wonderful way to learn, grow, and change.

How self-aware are you? Comment below.

Join our new parenting Facebook Group: “Raising Accountable Kids”
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  1. This was a very good article. I am getting better at self reflection to much. I have to admit I do sometimes regret conversations with people that have to tell every detail of the story. I listen but in my mind I am thinking ” please hurry up.” Really like the self awareness questions made me really go deep and think about myself. Thank you

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