Accountability and Frugality

Frugal defined: Economical in use or expenditure; prudently saving; not wasteful

For the longest time I’ve enjoyed telling groups, “I have only one famous friend and his name is Dave Ramsey.” Of course, if you have never heard of him then I guess he’s not all that famous! But I really don’t know Big Time Celebrities. The closest I got was one in my own industry when a gent named Zig Ziglar phoned me a few years ago to tell me that a friend had given him the QBQ! book and he loved it. My mailing address was “Cloud Nine” for a week!

Anyway, this past weekend, Kristin and I attended a conference called BEECH Retreat where I keynoted on Saturday morning and we learned more about blogging. Michael Hyatt spoke Saturday night and that was fun. But we did get to meet another “famous” person – at least one in her world: Crystal Paine, The Money Saving Mom. What a treat! I mean, even my wife @QBQMom follows her! And it was a blessing to meet Crystal not just because of the person she is – focused, smart, high energy, and wife to Jesse and mom of three – but because of how she helps people. She helps them live financially more effectively and efficiently … and there ain’t nothing wrong with that!

Money Saving Mom and The QBQ! GuyMoney Saving Mom and The QBQ! Guy

Many of you know that Dave Ramsey requires his team to read five books and the first one on that list is QBQ! He understands one can never be “debt free” when one is blaming, playing victim, or procrastinating.

Crystal with Kristin Lindeen
Crystal with Kristin Lindeen and “Becca Boo”

And it’s the same with saving money. How can one find “steals and deals” and save money here and there unless one CHOOSES to? Frugality is an accountability thing. When I ask great questions – QBQs – like, “How can I strive today to want less?” and “What can I do to achieve my financial goals?” then I am on the right track. And that’s where The Money Saving Mom comes in.

So go ahead, get connected to Crystal’s site and her books and see what savings come. Because no matter our income, there’s nothing wrong with being frugal!

PS: Here is Crystal’s post about her experience at BEECH and the people she met.


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