Accountability: 13 New Year’s Questions For Personal Growth

Answers in questions - Playfair fontHere are 13 questions that challenge me to think hard, which can lead to learning, growth, and change. Each laced with an underlying QBQ! book message of PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY, these questions can help to make 2016 outstanding!

1. In 2015, what did I learn about myself that helped me mature?

2. What relationship did I make better and what relationship must I strive to improve?

3. How good am I at helping others feel special and who needs more of this from me?

4. When do I let victim thinking into my life and what are the consequences?

5. In what way have I become entitled, believing that I “deserve” something?

6. What problem have I put off solving and will tackle in the next three days?

7. What inborn trait of mine is a strength until overused, so I commit to managing it better?

8. Who needs to hear an apology from me today?

9. What bad habit will I break in the next 28 days?

10. What/who do I blame when life doesn’t go my way, and what is blaming costing me?

11. Who do I need to listen to more?

12. What new skill(s) will I acquire this year?

13. In what area of my life do I need to ask The Ultimate QBQ: “How can I let go of what I cannot control?”

So, there you go—13 questions designed to make me concentrate on the only person I can change:


I don’t know about you, but I need to ask a bunch of these—today!


Which of the 13 questions is most important to you? How will you employ this list throughout 2016?

Comment below!

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10 Responses

  1. #9 – Bad habit(s) —
    Absolutely a bad habit of mine is not getting rid of bad habits — or maybe better, replacing a bad with a good habit. Given this is January 4th and you’ve posted the 28-day limit, I’ll probably procrastinate until the 31st to decide by Feb 1st…..

    Seriously, I’ve stopped doing a daily 20-minute mind-awareness meditative practice and it’s a good habit needs to replace an annoying bad habit – keeping my e-mail/cell on and with me at all times – which is just a bad habit to check e-mail/text/etc., whenever you should be doing something constructive.

    So starting tomorrow – the phone and ipad go on ‘airplane mode’ and the Outlook e-mail gets closed for a minimum of 20-minutes sometime between 8a and 3p – and that is my time, period. End of story. My time to make sure I don’t continue to do the other 12 items.

  2. John, as always you have a way of making me think in the ways that I should be thinking. These questions will take some time to fully think out and to be absolutely positive and truthful about myself when answering them. Further, I have a 14 year old son who has ADHD, OCD and Anxiety disorder. This past year has been incredibly difficult in trying to find the right advice I can give this young man. He is very difficult to talk to and he has this incredible stubbornness about him where no matter what you say, “your wrong.”

    These questions … I am going to have him answer them since it puts the responsibility into his lap and he will hopefully see that setting goals in life is not necessarily a bad thing, instead of feeling that everything should go his way or he stops trying.

  3. Thanks John, these 13 questions continue to making me think differently in the QbQ space on how I can improve me. Also, it reminds me that “stuff shouldn’t happen…that I can control”

  4. This is a great list. Call it the Lucky 13, because if you can do this, you will make your own luck. I’m going to paste this list into my Evernote lists I look at frequently so I can ask myself these questions often. Hope I can make some luck!

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