A QBQ! Essay On Being Offended

offendedI am trying to comprehend exactly how I would feel throughout a day if I were offended all the time.

Perpetually feeling slighted, hurt, bruised, misunderstood, and under-appreciated.

Would I wake up feeling undervalued? By mid-morning would I feel bewildered because nobody has yet told me how great and special I am?

By noon, am I livid because I’m so put upon?

And when I have my mid-afternoon Starbucks, would I feel disgusted with the world—and everyone in it but me, except for my fellow whiners?

Dinner time arrives and I am feeling sooooooo blue.

But now, it’s getting late and I’m getting excited because I’m thinking about how to get even with all those who have wronged me! The burning question has become …

Who can I have punished because I am in pain???

I call/message/text my friends who enable my child-like victim thinking. I FaceTime my parents—those who created me who won’t speak truth to me because they wouldn’t want to sound “harsh,” damage my self-esteem, or inform me for the first time in my life that … I. AM. NOT. PERFECT.

Nor entitled.

And didn’t really deserve all those participation trophies.

The day is now almost done, but no one in my world has told me to hit the books or get back to work.

Or get my head on straight.

Meanwhile, my list of those who have egregiously wounded me with their words, glares, mere existence, or beliefs that conflict with mine is growing minute by minute.

It’s bedtime and I am mad again! You could fry an egg on my forehead!!!

But … wait …

Something is happening in Paris, France. I saw a bit about it come across my gold-trimmed iPhone 6s screen, but I was too busy hosting a Pity Party of One to follow the story. I mean, why would I? It’s not about me, right?

And by the way, isn’t it true that …


Now, though, as I drift off to sleep I feel … discouragement.

And guilt.

And shame.

My subconscious has taken over and is whispering truth to me:

Compared to others, I have no problems. It’s time to grow up.

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4 Responses

  1. John, I LOVED it! I have screamed those same thoughts for years, in my head, of course. I am ready to be offended and offensive. Good bye political correctness you looser!

  2. Our country’s foundation is based on freedom, including freedom of expression, opinions and ideas. Without that freedom ideas are stifled and we eliminate the diversity of thought that is so essential for our country to continue to thrive. Of course we aren’t all going to agree – that’s the beauty of diversity. This doesn’t give people the right to be abusive, disrespectful or even discourteous. But, some people will come across that way. So, follow the QBQ! model and ask, “what can I do to change their thinking?” Take action to involve and educate others, to value differences, and to work together to create a better world. Merry Christmas John!

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