A hospital uses QBQ!

A note from a QBQ! reader says this:

John, my director and I attended the TapRoot Summit in Nashville, Tennessee, last month. Following your presentation we decided to buy the QBQ! for all our employees and begin the QBQ! as a group. Our department has 6 people. We told them that they did not have to participate, but everyone chose to.

We meet once a week if possible and discuss the chapters that we have read. It has generated some very interesting and enlightening discussions. One section of the meeting is used for individuals to share “QBQ! Moments” that they have experienced. The first time we only had one QBQ! Moment, but this week we had two employees share 3 different experiences. I am excited about the awareness of personal accountability that is resulting from reading the book.

We are currently on Chapter 20 and we started the initiative on October 22. Usually every day you will hear someone say, “Is that the appropriate QBQ?” or “What can I do to help you?” It has caused us to stop and think before we complain or place blame.

Thanks for all you do.



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