Personal Accountability: 9 Questions To Ask As Seasons Change

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 1.25.01 PMIn June of 1991, at age 33, I made a sales call on Munsingwear, a Minneapolis-based clothier. During our discussion of his team’s training needs, the fifty-something executive made a comment I’ve since quoted often:

“John, I’m about to enter my ‘summertime slowdown,’ so I suggest you contact me again in mid-September. I’m sure you know that life begins after Labor Day.”

Life begins after Labor Day … man, ain’t that the truth.

After those steamy “dog days of summer,” there is a boomlet of productivity in America that follows our Labor Day holiday. It’s like New Year’s Day all over again and can be a time to reflect and renew, set goals, and change.

So, with Labor Day upon us, here are some critical questions to ask—of ourselves:

Questions for Accountable Living

  1. What blessing have I been taking for granted?
  2. Have I allowed victim/entitlement thinking to creep into my life?
  3. Is there someone I need to forgive or apologize to?
  4. What relationship do I need to invest more into?
  5. Have I let any anger take a foothold in my life?
  6. Is there a skill-set I need to enhance? (If it’s parenting, click here)
  7. What project have I procrastinated on?
  8. What excuses have I been making regarding nutrition and physical fitness?
  9. What problem in my life do I need to take personal accountability for today?

As we write in QBQ! The Question Behind the Question, learning isn’t about attending a seminar or reading a book.

Nor is it about simply skimming our 9 questions above. This is truth:

Learning = Change

Never forget this: If I haven’t changed, I haven’t learned.

So, as the lazy days of summer fade and before the next period of low productivity arrives (it’s called “the holidays), let’s get about learning and changing …

… because life is about to begin again.

Which of our 9 accountable questions means the most to you and why?

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3 Responses

  1. Hi John,
    I’m grateful for your “mid year” check up! I think procrastination has crept in, unfortunately. I see it was caused by me not taking the time to make a decision about which way I am going to proceed with a project. Instead I just kept putting off what I needed to accomplish. (So I made an appt. in my planner just now, with myself to work on the project today!) Have a great holiday.

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