Just 199 Words: 6 Truths of Humility

At age 8, I got into trouble for scribbling four words on a wooden toy block (actual block pictured): “John Miller the great”

You see, my dad—Cornell wrestling coach and pastor Jimmy Miller—believed haughtiness was up there with lying and stealing, while humility was close to godliness.

He believed when success comes, humbly act like you’ve been there. He would disapprove of NFL running backs pointing toward the end zone after making a first down, college wrestlers beating their chests—literally—after pinning an opponent, or a POTUS bragging (true story), “I won!” months after being elected.

Knowing the line between sharing one’s excitement and demonstrating arrogance isn’t always easy, making me think practicing humility is a lifelong learning process. So, let’s learn about the powerful principle of HUMILITY.

6 Truths of Humility

      1. Humility is a learned skill.
      2. Humility is a fundamental trait of leaders.
      3. Humility is a magnet that draws people to us.
      4. Humility requires discipline and conscious effort.
      5. Humility is demonstrated in our words and actions.
      6. Humility flows from choosing to feel blessed and thankful.

    In Outstanding! we wrote, “Humility is the cornerstone of leadership.” Coach Jimmy would totally agree.

    Got humility? 😊


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