5 Attributes of Outstanding Colleagues

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The Outstanding! book explores what it means for an organization to be outstanding.

But what exactly makes a co-worker outstanding?

People described as “outstanding” by on-the-job colleagues have many attributes. After we provide 5 below, please add to our list!

1. HUMBLE: Self-deprecating humor, takes no credit for wins, downplays their strengths. Acknowledges it’s a “team effort.”

2. ACCOUNTABLE: Quick to own mistakes and failures with little to no blame and finger-pointing. And definitely not a whiner! (See the QBQ! book)

3. COLLABORATIVE: Don’t have all the answers, know they can’t do it alone, and open to ideas they did not generate. Shares AND listens.

4. DECISIVE: No “paralysis by analysis” here. Flexible, but not wishy-washy. Possesses opinions that are thought through.

5. ENCOURAGING: Praises people, provides positive feedback, and slow to criticize. Lifts others up with their words.

We all know people who are hard to work with, right? Then we know “the good ones” – our OUTSTANDING peers, partners, and co-workers.

How wonderful it is to work with people like this.

How exciting—and worthwhile—to be a person like this!

So, go forth and be outstanding today!

Which of our 5 attributes do you need to develop next?

What attribute or two would you add to our list?

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6 Responses

  1. I would like to add that exceptional co-workers are KIND. They understand that not everyone comes to work having a good day, and mistakes are made. No blame, and quick to help correct. Love this posting!

  2. I would add “respectful”. Treating all others (and yourself for that matter) with respect leads into the 5 you cite, I think, and more. Respect helps you embrace and accept yourself and others.
    I really enjoyed this – thanks so much.

  3. PROACTIVE. Outstanding colleagues are PROACTIVE. They don’t wait to be told to do something. They think the process through and know what has to be done, then start doing it. It’s the little things…filling the copy machine, replacing used items. At least it is in MY office.

  4. Meaningful Participant. At our organization, we want our culture to be based on the meaningful participation of all employees. This includes believing that constructive conflict makes us better (speak up), competing to win (with competitors of course, not each other), thinking like our customers and consumers (never forget who pays the bills), and acting like owners (fight the fat). It’s great to have an Outstanding! blueprint to help us reach our desired state.

  5. PASSIONATE John, Outstanding employees are passionate about their jobs and their company! I know because we have a bunch of them.

    thanks John for spreading the QBQ word so well!


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