21 CHOICES I Can Make Today!


I’ve been teaching “Personal Accountability and the QBQ!” since 1994. Kristin, our oldest offspring, has been doing so since 2008. Thankfully, this message is as timely as ever.

Why? Because, as we define “personal accountability” in the QBQ! book, the essence of this powerful principle is this:

Making better choices in the moment.

Sounds like something you and I can do, Amen? Sure, but to be clear, let’s define CHOICE:

The act of selection of an alternate or option through conscious decision-making.

This is something we do every day, all day long. An integral part of daily living. And something I can always improve upon. Can you?

In that vein, let’s get specific with a few examples … or maybe a whole bunch!

As you peruse these, ask yourself, “Can I do these, too?” Here we go!

21 Choices I Can Make

  1. If I’m walking around the block, I’m not lying on the couch.

2. If I’m using a clean word, I’m not cussing.

3. If I’m thinking a positive thought, I’m not thinking a negative one.

4. If I’m driving with two hands on the wheel, I’m not texting.

5. If I’m eating a piece of fruit, I’m not eating Tiramisu (my fav!).

6. If I’m focusing on the good in others, I’m not seeing their flaws.

7. If I’m living in the moment, I’m not stuck in the past.

8. If I’m showing interest in another, I’m not talking about me.

9. If I’m with friends who lift me up, I’m not with ones who bring me down.

10. If I’m asking a question, I’m not telling people what to do.

11. If I’m making a sales call, I’m not golfing with my buddies.

12. If I’m feeling grateful, I’m not complaining.

13. If I’m reading a book, I’m not watching TV.

14. If I’m putting a dollar into savings, I’m not spending that dollar.

15. If I’m cutting up my credit cards, I’m not using them.

16. If I’m at my desk working, I’m not at the water cooler gossiping.

17. If I’m speaking softly to my child, I’m not yelling.

18. If I’m praising my grown children, I’m not lecturing them.

19. If I’m letting go, I’m not holding on.

20. If I’m working, I’m not relying on others.

21. If I’m ignoring societal messages of entitlement, I’m living my best life!


Now that’s some actionable stuff, eh?! Which ones mean the most to you? Choose a few numbers and comment.

Can you add any? Thanks for sharing!


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  1. I disagree with #11 – If I’m making a sales call, I’m not golfing with my buddies.

    We need balance in our life. Perhaps instead of golf with your buddies, I’m not watching cat videos.

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