21 Doable Life #CHOICES

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Choices. We hear all about them. We’re told motivational “fluff stuff” like, WE MAKE OUR CHOICES AND THEN OUR CHOICES MAKE US! We tell our teens: MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!!

All well and good. Just not very practical. And not specific enough to be doable.

As I began to lose weight—full story here—people would ask me what I was doing to burn calories and I’d say, “Walking.” Many would respond with, “But what are you doing to build muscle?” or “That’s it? Walking!?!”

I’d respond with, “Well, I figure if I’m walking around the block, I’m not on the couch watching ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ reruns.”

That’s when I realized the whole concept of choices comes down to this:

Engaging in—or selecting—a better action over a not-as-good action.

Said another way, if I am doing X then I cannot be doing Y.

Here are 21 #CHOICES anyone can make:

  1. If I’m walking around the block, I’m not lying on the couch.
  2. If I’m using a clean word, I’m not cursing.
  3. If I’m thinking a positive thought, I’m not thinking a negative one.
  4. If I’m driving with two hands on the wheel, I’m not texting.
  5. If I’m eating a piece of fruit, I’m not eating Tiramisu (my fav!).
  6. If I’m focusing on the good in others, I’m not seeing their flaws.
  7. If I’m living in the moment, I’m not stuck in the past.
  8. If I’m showing interest in another, I’m not talking about me.
  9. If I’m with friends who lift me up, I’m not with ones who bring me down.
  10. If I’m asking a question, I’m not telling someone what to do.
  11. If I’m making a Friday sales call, I’m not golfing with my buddies.
  12. If I’m feeling grateful, I’m not complaining.
  13. If I’m reading a book, I’m not watching TV.
  14. If I’m putting a dollar into savings, I’m not spending that dollar.
  15. If I’m cutting up my credit cards, I’m not using them.
  16. If I’m at my desk working, I’m not at the water cooler gossiping.
  17. If I’m speaking softly to my child, I’m not yelling.
  18. If I’m telling my grown children I’m proud of them, I’m not lecturing them.
  19. If I’m letting go, I’m not holding on.
  20. If I’m working all the jobs needed to feed my family, I’m not relying on others.
  21. If I’m ignoring societal messages telling me to be offended, entitled, and envious, then I am living a cut above the world.choice def

Now that’s some actionable stuff, eh?!?

Which one(s) mean the most to you?

Can you add any?

Comment below!

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19 Responses

  1. Number 21 is my favorite. I have one to add:

    22. If I’m taking responsibility, I’m not making excuses.

  2. Wow! Talk about capturing my attention – a huge picture of my favorite desert, Tiramisu!

    21 Choices and Challenges!

    What about this one?: If I am applying the principles of personal accountability, I am not stuck in a rut of repetitive and ineffective behavior.

    Thank you for the materials and philosophy that help make it easier for people to navigate the daily grind by encouraging them to do the right thing – it IS just that simple.

  3. I love it! Perfect accountability!
    If I’m congratulating, I’m not condemning.
    If I’m got a positive attitude, I’m not negative.

  4. I’m studying for certification to be a Biblical counselor. How APPROPRIATE that one point emphasized regularly is “putting off”/”putting on,” as described in Eph. 4:25. Obviously, we begin with matters of the heart, praying that “counselees” will recognize the sufficiency of the living Word of God. Hopefully things will progress adequately for them to understand another point: In order to make changes, one must substitute wrong behaviors for RIGHT ones! This post totally supports that concept! GREAT stuff! 🙂

  5. Hi John,

    I love this one! I always say, Life is based on Choice, not Chance, and we always have the chance to choose!
    Great stuff!

  6. Thanks John! I knew I was getting all this wisdom from somewhere! That’s why I like QBQ, its simple stuff that can make a huge difference when you use it!

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