199 WORDS: The Simplicity of Being Outstanding!

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Is providing outstanding customer service complicated? Let’s hear from Antonio, reader of Outstanding!

John, we gutted and remodeled our kitchen. Almost complete, it looked amazing! We only needed a backsplash. Our in-demand contractor said he could do the install the next weekend.

We found the perfect tile online at Home Depot. However, arriving at the store to purchase it, we learned the product in stock didn’t match the computer inventory.

Two cartons short! And we had a deadline.

That’s when department manager, Jake, really impressed. He could’ve said, “Sorry.” Instead —

Commandeering a forklift, he searched every shelf in every aisle. Finding none, he phoned all stores within 50 miles. When a store’s computer inventory showed zero, Jake asked all shelves be searched as he’d done.

Gradually, Jake compiled our order, a few tiles here, a few tiles there. One store was an hour away. Jake said, “Don’t stress over your deadline. I’ll get them here.”

He did.

We couldn’t be more thankful for Jake’s diligence and commitment. Many would’ve taken the easy route, telling the customers to choose another tile or come back another time.

Not Jake, though. He’s outstanding. Every organization needs more Jakes!

How come providing outstanding customer service seems complicated to some people? Is it complicated? Share!


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