199 WORDS: Do Organizations or People Serve?

From QBQ! reader, Brian:

John, my wife, Kim, and I were out of state and required a cashier’s check. Entering the Norwalk, CA Wells Fargo on Friday afternoon, we joined a long line.

With only two tellers, it was slow going—and the bank seemed hot. Then a customer dumped coins onto a teller’s counter that needed counting!

Leaving Kim, I found Ben, a helpful “business banker” and assistant branch manager. When I explained our need …

“You’re in the right line.”


Now I wanted to cuss the coin customer, yell loudly because of only two tellers, and harshly judge everybody in line ahead of us!

That’s when Ben appeared with water bottles for all, clearly asking the QBQ, “What can I do?” After speaking to a teammember in a cubicle and another behind the teller counter,two more lines opened. There was hope!

As Ben sent customers not needing cash to the fourth line, he directed Kim and me to head there, too. We went from tenth to third in line.

The mood lightened, the customers were happierwas it now cooler in the bank? I do believe so.

Did Wells Fargo or Ben serve the customers that day?


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  1. I believe Ben saw what was needed and acted accordingly. That’s what working together is all about!

  2. Ben served the customers, representing not only himself, but his company – Wells Fargo. Great job Ben and congrats to Wells Fargo for a great hire!!

  3. Ben served the customers and his staff that day! Often employees are frustrated with lack of support from Managers as they bear the brunt of angry customers when they have little or no power to change the situation. Maybe Wells Fargo includes this type of action in their training and if so, then Wells Fargo also served the customers that day!

  4. They both did….kudos to Wells Fargo for hiring Ben! This is what customer service is all about!

  5. While Wells Fargo hired and has employed Ben, I have learned that PEOPLE SERVE PEOPLE.
    I have had experiences with Wells Fargo and some of the corporate culture that is very different from the experience in this story. I have worked in banking in the past and understand the customer service and the lack of it in the industry. Don’t forget that Wells Fargo has been in the news behind a cross-selling scandal among others scandals in the past few years.
    Now I will admit I am not a big bank person, I like the smaller institutions like credit unions. I also know that in these big corporations are some real great people, like Ben.

  6. I actually think you see this type of service often. It usually occurs with a more senior team member initiating it.

  7. First, I think you had a hand initially helping Ben to see the situation, and when he did, he took it upon himself to do something about it. Very good example of the QBQ. Thanks for sharing…

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