JUST 225 WORDS: Do I Play The Blame Game?

No matter how well we think we know and practice the QBQ! book’s message of Personal Accountability— blame can creep into our lives. We must remain vigilant! Enjoy!

A popular 1970’s meme (before memes existed) was —The Devil Made Me Do It.

Today, we hear this popular media-driven phrase: ”There’s plenty of blame to go around!”

It’s our nature to ask Whodunnit? when the unplanned, painful, disappointing, or embarrassing occurs. When stuff happens, it’s so easy to spread the blame —

“Well, yes, I did that, but, you see, they made me do it.”

“I accept 65% of the blame, but he’s 35% responsible, too!”

Or simply, “Not my fault!”

It’s difficult for humans to state …

“I own the results. No excuses.”

If the concept of “emotional intelligence” intrigues you, here’s an EI truth: Emotionally healthy people do think/say, “I blew it. It’s on me.”

If you love the topic of “leadership,” know that leaders willingly own problems—especially when they caused them. Even when they have not, their goal is to help solve them.

Blame is not a leader’s game. 

Life is complex, complicated, and ever-changing. Hence, the temptation to seek culprits and scapegoats is powerful. Yet, everything is better when we practice Personal Accountability by asking The Question Behind the Question (QBQ), “How can I own my mistakes and learn from them?”

Only then do I learn, grow, and change.

Am I currently playing the Blame Game at home or work? If so, what is the cost?


2 Responses

  1. John, the “Blame Game” from QBQ was one of the inspirations for our P.R.i.D.E. Award (personal responsibility in daily events) at Interprint. Your message never gets old! All the best!
    Dave Field

  2. So, years ago I was watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show- no comments please; there was a “who done it moment” and of course the blame was placed on Mary. When she complained to Lou Grant he simply said, “look Mary, I’m the boss- it’s my job to designate blame”- someone has to do it.

    Just a thought

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