Just 199 Words: 13 Accountability Questions

A New Year look into the mirror with 13 Personal Accountability questions. Use them alone or with your team, family, and friends!

1. What did I learn about myself last year that helped me mature?

2. What relationship did I make better, and which one must I improve?

3. How good am I at helping others feel special?

4. When do I let victim thinking into my life?

5. How have I become entitled, believing I “deserve”?

6. What problem have I put off solving and will tackle now?

7. What inborn trait is a strength that I must be careful not to overuse?

8. Who needs to hear an apology from me today?

9. What bad habit will I break in the next 28 days?

10. What or who do I most often blame when life doesn’t go my way?

11. Who do I need to listen to more?

12. What new skill(s) will I acquire this year?

13. In what area of life do I need to ask The Ultimate QBQ: “How can I let go of what I cannot control?”

So, 13 introspective questions that enable me to focus on the only person I can change: Me.

Which of these questions is most important to you now? Comments welcome!


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